I’ve been mining 16 tons – another day older and deeper in debt

Jul 13, 2014 11:39 PM – Dear log book. Pietu, Daniel and I have been desperately searchin the perfect bitcoin business case- found none yet. Nothin – nichts – nil –  ничего – ништо – niente …

Windmill! It must be windmills  …. said the death metal singer … and self-minted windmoney a la Edward de Bono! And then what? Where is punker’s soul after that? – an other day older and deeper in debt!

Let Jeff and ZZtop guide you  …

16 tons

(P.S. some say the future of money is corporate money – consortia blockchains – like the de Bono “IBM dollars”.  16 tons lyrics has a real history behind it – perhaps it will have a real future too? With corporate slaves and everything?)

(P.P.S this de Bono thing is not only about the windmills  — hear this ( I’m quoting Nicolas T. Courtois)

Edward De Bono: in the early 1990s wrote a pamphlet called “The IBM Dollar“
Dr. de Bono wrote that he looked forward to a time when
“the successors to Bill Gates will have put the
successors to Alan Greenspan out of business
arguing in essence that it would be
more efficient  for companies to issue money than equity
Edward de Bono argued that companies could raise
money just as governments now do – by printing it

… and …

His concept of
“private currency”
would be  redeemable
for IBM equipment,

Further startup scenario:
• A start-up XX launches. Instead of issuing shares, it issues
XX-coin redeemable  for future products/services.
• E.g. a power plant start-up offers future kilowatt hours.
– In the early days, they are sold and trade at a significant discount to
take into account the risks.
– Later this “private currency” goes up if company does well!

Concept of Private Currency Based on Future Production
Nicolas T. Courtois

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