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Nordledger builds blockchain technology based platforms for global trade. We work with a number of major Scandinavian banks, insurance companies, B2B integrator-operators and avant-garde government agencies to deliver a new way to  do business  with the firms located in Northern Europe.

Today people already are used to use two-sided consumer market focused mobile platforms – such as AirBnB or Uber – to co-create value and produce massively scaling positive externalities that are globally beneficial for the other users of the platform and can be monetized by the platform owner. Blockchains are the enabling technology to build multisided distributed business to business platforms with same kind of massive network effects and positive externalities benefitting the firms and nation states using them. Global trade has never had tools like these before.

To make traditional cryptocurrency transaction focused blockchains generally usable, significant challenges remain to be solved. Some of the challenges are industry or jurisdiction specific, some are more generic and relate to the blockchain technology itself. The mission of Nordledger is to solve these challenges together with the locally operating banks and global blockchain initiatives.


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