Our Mission

We do EOSIO & Ethereum. We focus on Digital Commons infrastructure that is public, open, transparent and permissionless. And designed for self-sovereigns.


Our History

Nordledger was incorporated as an Estonian e-resident company in 2015 leveraging on the opportunities offered by Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovation of Bitcoin blockheaders as dynamic membership multi-party signature technology. The first version of the Nordledger Bitcoin Gateway was launched already in May 2014. With that we were able to demonstrate that cryptocurrencies can be used as a global hyper-decentralized exchange and transfer gateway.

In 2015/2016 Nordledger built the first experimental examples of e-invoicing, e-invoice address registry and invoice factoring smart contracts for a group of Scandinavian banks and e-invoicing operators.

During the European refugee crisis in 2015-2016 we were busy introducing the first versions of the decentralized self-sovereign identity claims network on top of Ethereum blockchain. The deck.

We are now working with a EOSIO fork. After waiting 20 years – we are finally bringing the real realtime economy to B2B coop- and value networks.