Our Mission

We do Civic Ethereum. We focus on blockchain infrastructure that is public, open, transparent and permissionless.


Our new pivoted mission is to work with the global theme of accountability. We try to extend the dimensionality of the current book keeping and ledger technologies by introducing some new advanced mathematical tools and programming methods which were not available at the time when the current standard double entry ledger technologies were born and developed.

We will connect these new mathematical tools with a transparent and open ledger that supports the smart contract technology similar to that which is today available in Ethereum blockchain.

Our History

Nordledger was incorporated as an Estonian e-resident company in 2015 to provide a digital residency for an enterprise leveraging on the opportunities offered by Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovation of Bitcoin blockheaders as dynamic membership multi-party signature technology. The first version of the Nordledger Bitcoin Gateway was launched already in May 2014. With that we were able to demonstrate that cryptocurrencies can be used as a global hyper-decentralized Fiat/Crypto OTC exchange and payment gateway.

In 2015/2016 Nordledger built the first experimental examples of e-invoicing, e-invoice address registry and invoice factoring smart contracts for a group of Scandinavian banks and e-invoicing operators.

During the European refugee crisis in 2015-2016 we were busy introducing the first versions of the decentralized self-sovereign identity claims network on top of Ethereum blockchain. The deck.