We do digital things with blockchains and smart contracts. We focus on Civic infrastructure that is public, transparent and open in a permissionless and decentralized way. We design things that are liquid, scarce, digital and fully transactionable.

We think that the qualities listed above are the ultimate recipe for free and curious life and form the basic design elements of the digital artefacts of self-sovereign individuals.

Nordledger was incorporated as an Estonian e-resident company in 2015. The simple business idea was to leverage on the opportunities offered by Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovation of Bitcoin blockheaders as dynamic membership multi-party signature technology.

The first version of the Nordledger Bitcoin Gateway was launched in May 2014. With that we were able to demonstrate that cryptocurrencies can be used as a global hyper-decentralized secure gateway for transferring value.

In 2015/2016 Nordledger built the first experimental examples of some of the key elements of DAO-Firms that exist only in metaverse. We built an e-invoice address registry and early DeFi invoice factoring smart contracts for a group of Scandinavian banks and e-invoicing operators. That project was pretty nostalgic for us because 20y ago our team built the first European e-invoice operator platforms for some of the largest European business service integrators. Those platforms have been in operation since that, but we believe that it is time for the new generation of B2B value networks.

During the European refugee crisis in 2015-2016 we had a social mission, we ditched the B2B laggards and focused on introducing the first versions of the decentralized self-sovereign identity claims network and a mobile first prepaid Mastercard payment system on top of Ethereum blockchain. The deck.