NOTE! During the COVID-19 lockdown we have completely redesigned our B2B / B2G Daoinvoice concept and changed the blockchain & protocol it is using. The core of the new design now is a new type of web3 ID concept. We are now using a DPOS style blockchain with very low transaction cost and fast confirmation. We believe with this change it will be possible to re-think B2C invoicing and use DAO-invoicing in utility billing etc. The documentation of the old design can be found on the bottom of this page. We will release the new design assoon as it is tested.




We participated the 2015 Nordea bank startup accelerator program and built the first versions of the Ethereum blockchain invoice factoring service with the help of Nordea’s Digital banking team. Here is a short demo video.

We closed the first digital invoice on blockchain deals 10/2016. Together with a consortia of major Scandinavian banks, Insurance companies, B2B integrators and some relevant government registries and agencies we built the first cornerstones for blockchain and smart contract technology based B2B e-invoicing

We spent some months of 2016/2017 and worked together with a consortia of major Scandinavian banks, insurance companies, B2B integrators and government agencies to build Ethereum blockchain tech based business registry infrastructure layer for B2B digital invoicing.  The delivery included a fully working Ethereum smart contract with a UX enabling firms to create invoicing addresses using Ethereum blockchain.

The 2017 version more or less implemented the current B2B e-invoicing concept on top of consortia blockchain. We share some slides below but contact us for more information if you are interested.

The customer portfolio in this project included: Government Business registries / Tax authorities / Banks / Insurance companies / Large invoice senders / Invoice receivers / B2B business integrator – operators / payment processors / Banking IT / SME book keeping alliance /

Here is the documentation of the project. Links to the demo and the code can be found in the documentation.

Technical (Google docs presentation opens)


Demo (less technical Google docs presentation) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1m45p886X5tfwR0-qS9LrOKBGLTHev-r6NiHRJH2_WdU/edit?usp=sharing

Report (this report is in Finnish language only. To get an updated English language report please contact us. The contact details can be found here ) https://docs.google.com/document/d/104PZXvcgR6OvfPtFbsbpXeE7m8CzHc-XNsGxJurGHa4/edit?usp=sharing