We combine distributed ledger & blockchain technologies with privacy preserving pseudonymization and polymorphic encryption methodologies. This enables us to design completely new kind of personalized data-utility services in the contexts where strict data protection combines with strict compliance and auditability requirements.  With this technology Designed for Privacy and Designed fo Security can be combined with multi-source / multiparty co-creation models and e-service platforms supporting the business models of modern multisided markets.

The combination of the pseudonymization technologies we are using has a strong academic tradition and it has been tested e.g. in core banking context with Ethereum distributed ledger technology. Combining the polymorphic encryption with distributed ledger tech opens monetization opportunities for platforms who can use pseudonymized, multi-source data and – based on that – offer privacy preserving or business secret preserving services. This has many practical use cases in personalized healthcare and e-health, internal security related government agencies, corporate governance, corporate finance and trade finance. Nordledger has already done the first projects where new type of distributed government registry concept co-ops with other data sources in dynamic multiplayer multisignature contexts.

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